Monday, 4 May 2015

Laa!...Blog Ni Tak Mampus Lagi?!

"Oh, you're still alive then... What happened to all the posts here?? And why does it look different... ?

If you had thought this blog was dead; well, so did I. The last post was 5 May 2013, which is exactly two years ago. As with most other bloggers and blogs, we had practically abandoned our blogs and had moved to... you guessed it, Facebook. And Twitter too for some. 

For months, I felt bad about this blog, especially in simply leaving it just like that. During this period, I had thought about writing new posts. But, as is obvious, I didn't. It's not that I (and the other bloggers) had stopped writing, of course - it's just that these were in the form of updates and comments at Facebook.

Anyway, one of the well-known bloggers, Kak Teh, had launched a "Update Your Blog" campaign from the Facebook page of Sentraal Station: Wednesday, 6 May will be the day when bloggers are requested to publish a new post. Thanks to her, I'm finally doing something about this blog. 

I've decided to start on a fresh note. Firstly, I've done away with the previous customised template and decided upon this one from Blogger. Thankfully, the sidebar and links - especially of other blogs - didn't disappear as I had feared. 

But the more drastic decision is this - I've decided to delete ALL the previous posts. Yup, all 200-plus of them. I may or may not continue writing here again - will see how it goes in the coming weeks and months. But I've decided to start this blog from scratch again, which means this is the very first post.

What will this blog be about? No longer will it be heavily centred on politics like previously - the posts will now be on things that *I* want to write about. And that could be anything. Hopefully, the next post will be "soon", and not in another two years...


  1. And I got 238 pageviews yesterday,
    Thank you - it seems that there are indeed people who still read the blogs and aren't at Facebook all the time.

    The clicks are mostly from these two blogs:

    Ah, yes - the great Husin Lempoyang! Am so pleased to see people like him still maintaining their blogs.

  2. Salam... Yup. Same goes with me. I rarely write via my blog because of FB and other social media platforms. But still the urge to write longer postings made me want to visit my blog from time to time. Just for a sentimental value.

    Not many people like to read blogs nowadays but I don't care. It's where I started. Good that you wanted to start all over again. Hope you wouldn't decide to stop writing here. I have been following you since the zaman kegemilangan blogspot. Maybe you could help bringing it back to popularity :)

  3. (Copy of Reply to the writer above):
    Thank you for leaving a reply at my blog. Had intended to start blogging again but apparently, as seen from the last post's date, 6 weeks have gone by. It's good that you are still blogging fairly regularly, not being too concerned about whether most people have moved to Facebook or wherever. That shows the hallmarks of a genuine writer.

    The organisation of content and comments is much better at blogs than Facebook. Sometimes, I feel it's rather wasteful to write at Facebook - and my updates and comments tend to be long. After just a day, they'd disappear from the timelines when newer updates are posted. While it's true that one can scroll down the timeline, most people won't. They'd just look at what appears on their immediate screens.

    1. Wah! So cepat you reply. Thank you so much. So you do set the notification on your mobile, I guess. Great!

      I agree with what you said about the organisation of content and comments in FB. I found out somewhere that FB had put certain limitation to our posting which can only be seen by a certain number in a day. This is to persuade people who sell stuffs to buy ads. So every posting might be seen by certain people today, and the rest probably will see it a day later.

      I abandoned my blog for the whole year of 2014. Only starting back in May 2015 due to unsatisfactory changes in FB.

      Well, am looking forward to your next posting. So much going on in our beloved country lately. Would be great to hear something from your perspective. I am sure many are awaiting for your next masterpiece.

      Take care :)

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