Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kick Out the Islamic Fakes in Kelantan: Today is *The Day*

It has been 23 years since I, with thousands of others, had helped to put the PAS-led Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah to power in Kelantan. Now it's time to help kick them out.

In a way, this is also sort of a "Comment", albeit a long one, to a new post at Demi Negara. When it comes to my previous support, I have no real regrets or make any apologies about it. That's because I felt it was the right thing to do... then. However, times, things and people have changed over the years and this is no longer the same ulamak as I had known him to be. And the government is no longer holding true to the ideals and goals of the past. Yes, one must "change"... but it must be for the better. Unfortunately, the government in Kelantan has instead gone the other way.

Yes, I respect the ulamaks and subscribe to the "Kepimpinan ulamak". But we have to be more critical in deciding whether someone really is one and not bestow this title to just about anybody who wears a jubah, a semutar and can quote quranic verses. And one must also have the courage to question the so-called ulamak's words, pronouncements and actions; not swallowing whole whatever that he says. When there are inconsistencies, then we must also question whether this indeed is an ulamak whom we should follow. The inconsistencies - these have to do with Bersih, Gay & lesbian rights, the golongan murtad, zina... among other things and I will have to write another post to elaborate.

With these PAS and Pakatan supporters riding on their high horse, it's very easy to say that one is against corruption, against nepotism and for things like the environment and whatever else. Easy because that's human nature - NOBODY wants corruption, and everybody wants whatever that is good. And here is where the cynicism and hypocrisy come in - of parties and people proclaiming they are against or for something, and that others who aren't with them are the perpetrators of evil and the obstacles towards their wanting to do good.But in Kelantan's case, they just shut their eyes, pretending that it's the very model of a "corruption-free government". And that is one big lie.

But what riles me most is the impression they had given - that there will be no corruption if only they are given the power. Well, I had helped to give them the power since 1990 and I now know it isn't so. And more. Over the years, this government has become the same as the one it had replaced in 1990. But without the same commitment, will and ideas for development and in improving the peoples' economic wellbeing. The other side deserves another chance.

The BN should have won back Kelantan in 2004 if only it had more confidence and put in a bit more effort. But never mind - today would be another great day for the Kelantan voters to do a big favour for themselves by bringing an end to the Islamic fakes and their charades. If we don't do it now, today, then I guess we deserve to have this incompetent government continue... and to suffer for it.

**UPDATE 5/5/2013 10.35 PM - Mixed feelings about Kelantan. BN failed to win the state BUT it turned in a significantly better performance this time. If that's what the voters want for Kelantan, then no problem for me.

But it's the racial politics of the DAP that we should be concerned about. It's obvious that all their talk about "Meritocracy" etc. are just political ploys. Unfortunate it turns out this way for Malaysian politics but at least Umno and BN have gotten back many of the Bumiputera votes lost in 2008.


Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Heh, heh We did not get to form GOM but WE still kept Kelantan! To me that was all that Matters!
OUT with Kelate Murta'
How dare you classify Ulamaks of Kelate you support men like FBari?
So sorry for mu, eat your heart out till 2018!
Get out all UMNos from Kelantan we have no place for Mahathir and geng cults! Kufur and Fasiks!

Mat Cendana said...

Well, too bad BN lost. It doesn't bother me much because I'm now living in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya - I don't have to live in a make believe "Islamic state".

Even if PAS had won, even a blind person could see that its support is now eroded - more and more people now realise these are just fake Islamist... people who use Islam solely for their own political purposes and benefits.

It is obvious that more Malays and Muslims now realise what PAS has become - a keldai for the DAP, to be used to attack and weaken Malays' and Muslims' interests. The Chinese, having given their full support to Pakatan, have voted themselves out of government. Now they are trapped in a predicament - the only way for Pakatan to have power is through street violence. And they need the Melayu Bingai to be the foot soldier and cannon fodder. Are you one of their balachi, Shakirin Al-Ikram?

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

No dear, I will not even if I am strong and sturdy because my `senjata' is doa, solat and lot of puasa for the downfall of `assabiyay, fasiks and kufurs!
Strret demo for the weak in `yakin' and DAP not that `ngok' as the weak link of Pakatan!
Whatever 5.6 million has spoken and over 3million Malay elites have `celik' the eyes of the `Muzzammils'
Nenda, nak jaga kubur NEVER support `mungkar!'

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