Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jebat Must Die, Shahrizat Must Go

NFC chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail has been charged for criminal breach of trust (CBT) and violations of the Companies Act. His wife, Datuk Shahrizat Jalil will resign as Women, Family and Community Development Minister next month. 

Are these enough? NO! This disgusting scandal has so shocked and antagonised the people that the government (and BN) must not let up - it must thoroughly expose and clean up the whole mess if it is really serious in setting things right.

It is therefore encouraging to read the New Straits Times report's today: More NFC directors to be charged where two government appointees on the NFC board may also be implicated in the scandal (and presumably be charged). These are Pagar Makan Padi kind of people - people who had betrayed the trust placed on them. They deserve to get it.

And the matter with Salleh and Shahrizat shouldn't end with the above charges and her resigning from the ministerial post. Besides CBT and violations of the Companies Act, there is this other no-less-serious matter involving one sleazy Datuk - Shamsulbahrin Ismail - whom Salleh had appointed as a `media consultant' and given money to undertake `certain services'. This sleazy Datuk had attempted to bribe the authorities from investigating the NFC. If Salleh is also involved in any way, he must be charged for this too.

With Shahrizat, resigning from the minister's post isn't enough. In the interest of Umno and the BN, she must also step down from being Wanita chief. Yes, she had contested and won. However, it was at a time and in a situation where this scandal wasn't a factor. Would the delegates have done the same had this been around her neck? I doubt it. Umno and BN are now carrying a biawak hidup on their back - if Shahrizat is really sincere about helping the party in the next General Elections, then she must do the right thing. 

You might be wondering why I'm so blood-thirsty. It's because of this: I didn't leave Pakatan Rakyat to support the sinking Umno in October 2008 in order for cretins to remain in power and abuse their positions. Do you know how hard it is for ordinary people like me to obtain any sort of loan or grant to help expand our legitimate businesses? But here we have Shahrizat's family receiving RM250 MILLION ! a miserable 2% interest! (Salleh had claimed it was "at a commercial rate") With this amount and at this rate, even a half-wit could easily make a lot of profit from numerous easy ventures.

Yes, there are most likely many other abuses by others in power. But let's keep in focus and not digress from what's presently in front of us - the abuses at NFC. To Umno: if it wants our continued support, it must do the right thing about this matter. This is also an opportunity to show that it is indeed making honest attempts to rehabilitate itself from the image of corruption.


Suzie Thomas said...

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Mat Cendana said...

Yeah, sure, okay, will do.
I promise to make better use of your $250 loan than Shahrizat's family did.

hockthai said...

Thanks for posting. The Malays say Sharizat did not contest because of 'lembu' case. UMNO is not thinking right. Najib wanted to save BN by sacrificing the non-winnable candidates. There are no more big names for BN. MCA, MIC, Gerakan have fallen. Najib will sink with his poor handling of the Altantuya case. Yes, Jebat must die so to speak.

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