Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tok Guru Nik Aziz: So Scared of... Mat Cendana?

The Kelantan Menteri Besar of 21 years, the Ketua Dewan Ulamak... someone so learned, so powerful and so influential: how could it be that he can't bear to face ME!? It's unthinkable, although I'll admit it's also quite flattering in a way.

Yeah, I know some are rolling their eyes, sceptical about this. Especially the PAS taksub (a title like this popping up at places that include Kelantan Bloggers etc is sure to bring them to investigate: "Does Nik Aziz even know you?... Ini mesti kes perasan nak mampus!"

I don't know whether he knows me or not, but someone handling his profile at Facebook sure does. And since Nik Aziz has allowed the profile, posts and updates to be there, this implicit consent means he must also be accountable for whatever is done in his name.

Now, Nik Aziz has, at last count, 528,887 `Likes' there. Compare that to my (much, much) more modest number of Friends that stand at 284 (I wonder who will be the magical #287?).

Anyway, I've been following Nik Aziz's updates there for some months now. Occasionally, I would leave a comment, which tends to be against the grain of most of the others there. And doing that, of course, inevitably leads to many people replying with angry and sometimes nasty comments against me. But that's okay with me because I "can also take".

However, this has come to an end because I've just been blocked from commenting there. Why? The only reason I can think of is that my comments there rock "the Nik Aziz boat": Nik Aziz - or at least the administrator - wants the place to be filled with only the Yes men and women... people who will only support and agree to whatever is posted there. And Mat Cendana, a proud Knight of the Demi Negara Order (not to ever be mistaken with "Umno", please), isn't one who'd oblige.

Adding to this are the people who `Like' my comments: people who disagree with some of the posts and opinions but who are too scared to comment themselves for fear of being jumped on by the zealots.

Yes, Nik Aziz has the right to include or exclude whoever he wants... just as I and everyone else at Facebook could with our own profiles. However, this action has raised a few questions.

Among other things, it shows how autocratic and super-sensitive the PAS people are towards criticism and differences in opinion. And of people (like the admin) who are using Nik Aziz's stature, position and power for whatever agendas they harbour. These are the things that I will write about now and in the future so that people can see PAS and the hidden hands for whatever they really are.

Here are the posts and the comments that led to my being blocked (you'll have to right-click and open in a new tab to see the images in full):
My comment: "Nampak sangat orang Melayu diperkudakan oleh DAP. Yang dok hasut kat Facebook, Twitter, blogs orang-orang Cina... yang berarak, yang kena tangkap 95% Melayu. Bagus betul PAS ni: sedia berkorban lawan sesama Islam & Melayu untuk orang lain."

Writing something like this, of course, led to locusts descending, with the zealots angrily `hammering me':-P I must stress here that it wasn't my intention to provoke; although I knew many would be riled. I was just "being me; being Mat Cendana: Hack Writer". Whether this is `good' or `bad', I don't really know...

Then came this one:
My comment: "Ini belum disahkan lagi. Tapi Tok Guru begitu cepat tolong sebarkan dakwaan Surendran ni. Mengapa begitu mudah untuk jadi kuda orang lain? Mengapa suka sangat tolong orang lagakan sesama Melayu dan Islam ni?"

But this is the one that infuriated the Nik Aziz admin big time:
My comment: "Asalkan pakai kupiah, jubah, ada janggut, boleh quote ayat-ayat dan guna `Ana'  sudah dikira sebagai `ulamak'?? Jelas bahawa Bersih ni perhimpunan politik - perhimpunan yang dihasut oleh orang-orang bukan Islam dan Melayu. Dan perhimpunan ni melanggar undang-undang. Bila kena tahan, apasal nak bising? Dah gatal sangat nak diperkudakan oleh DAP, duduk diam saja lah kat dalam lockup tu. Atau ANTA nak cuba menagih simpati."

Okay, it was harsh and it wasn't too polite. But what about equating "Umno" with "jahanam"? It wasn't by Nik Aziz himself, but he has to take responsibility since it was posted at his profile.

The blocking came when I couldn't comment at the post below. But that's okay because I can still paste it here at my blog:-)
My comment: "Really?? You mean it was 60% Malays 40% Non-Malays who attended?? Or was it 90% Malays? So how could it be that "all the races in Malaysia so united" as claimed? Waah: nampaknya Tok Guru pun sekarang ni dah jadi mouthpiece DAP ye. Update ni bunyi macam modal DAP dengan Bangsa Malaysia dia."

So here it is: someone with 529,062 Facebook followers (makin bertambah as I was writing this post) couldn't even face the points raised by one obscure guy from rural Pasir Mas (now in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya) who even has trouble reciting the Qunut during Subuh prayers! So how are the PAS people going to deal with the slick (and slimy) DAP if they were to govern Malaysia? Do the PAS people have the intelligence to do so? If they can't even handle Mat Cendana's comments and points, I doubt they ever could, simple as that.

*UPDATE 10/7/2011 8:54 AM - By the way, Haji Abdul Hadi Awang's Facebook profile has only 180,397 Likes; almost three times less than Nik Aziz's. But don't worry: as of two minutes ago, Mat Cendana is now also one of them;-)


Yeop Pelior said...


Anonymous said...

blasah aje bro. memang geng2 taksub macam tu. but dont despair or give up. eventually you WILL get some of their hardcore supporters to rationalized things around them. tak rugi kita usaha sedarkan bangsa kita


Anonymous said...

dream on, bro.

Anonymous said...

Tanda-tanda kiamat yang teramat hampir....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
krakatau said...

Nabi tu ada sifat siddiq,amanah,tabligh, fatanah. Nik aziz lak tak ada dan kalau ada pun salah satu aje.Macam mana nak jadi pewaris nabi kalau ada satu sifat aje. Itulah dia Ulamak Assuu'.

Mat Cendana said...

The comment by Anonymous July 10, 2011 12:28 AM was removed. Maaf ye, kepada penulis.

There were obscenities directed against Nik Aziz. Although I'm very much against many of the things that he had said, Nik Aziz *is* a religious figure; respected and adored by many. And he was *the* person whom I had aligned myself with for some 20 years... right until October 2008.

Singh Is Kinng said...

Abg Mat ... next time ... when you go to war at that particular frontier ... bring me along ... jadi your sidekick pun jadi laa ...

Mat Cendana said...

kadiology: Thanks for the support. Don't worry about my despairing and giving up: Insyaallah I won't. That's because I'm not doing this to gain anyone's approval; much less that of PAS and their taksub supporters.

And when it comes to abuse, I thank God for having discovered how not to be affected by hurtful comments (I think I did mention about it to people like Tam Dalyell etc in one comment at Demi Negara a couple of years ago. There's also one big advantage that I have when dealing with this - I was one of the taksub followers myself... from 1983 all the way to 2008. Maybe this is why my comments tend to get under their skin - they cut "too close".

Mat Cendana said...

Singh Is Kinng: I didn't intentionally do that when I went there. And I'm also quite respectful because this is at the profile of someone whom I had once zealously fought for. But then, that's me - when I start to give my opinions, "things tend to happen":-P

Anyway, I've been thinking: WHO is behind Nik Aziz's profile? Could it be possible that he might not be a real PAS supporter?...maybe not even a Muslim! After all, anyone can start a profile/fan page of anyone else. Is it sanctioned by Nik Aziz himself? Does he actively follow it? And other questions.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Mat Cendana ...

And the young girls in the videos, as they left the commuter stations, and the 3 girls screaming at the camera, are they Malays from PAS?

2 very devoted PAS family in my kampung (check records with Pejabat Kadi Kuang);

One married (IPTA student under scholarship) hardly 4months and gave birth to a healthy 44weeks baby. The girl, finally abandoned her studies.

Another Tingkatan 4 (Just 16years) arranged to marry (secretly)to one of the PAS strongman's son in this Kampung, apparently a hushed rape case.

Are they breading the girls to be like these two?

DLSL said...

alahai can someone post this entry to Nik Aziz's profile page. Boleh post link kat sana ke bro MC? Kita bako kita bako .....

Anonymous said...

Mat boleh tanya budak2 #luvsec mcm mana nak hack masuk n continue to make commments.
Kata lu Hackwriter.

Mat Cendana said...

DLSL: Ada kat line tepi gambar tu. Ini manual link

Mat Cendana said...

Anonymous: Eh, itu Hacker laa, yang dok break masuk situ-sini komputer. Hack writer ni - potong/sambung situ-sini, itu-ini dapat satu cerita Heheh!

Mat Cendana said...

Anonymous 8:55 AM: Ya, kalau kita letak bawah microscope, pakai teropong, suluh... BANYAK yang tak Islamic langsung dari yang kuat dok dabik dada ni. Dan yang kuat dok cari salah orang lain untuk kutuk, hina dan perlekeh. And I admit that I was one of them. I'd cringe and feel so ashamed about how I had viewed others/myself once based SOLELY on "Which party do you support."

This is one of the diseases among the Malays - the holier than thou attitude. Plus of the over-emphasis on the visible, of the external. And of mere expressions (as compared to thoughts, expressions AND action).

It's much easier to look at, evaluate and criticise OTHERS... so much harder to do that on one's self. And even more so when you decide to evaluate yourself and others based on this one factor alone: "what party". Do that and you'll often fail to see the truth. I should know, for I had been like this before.

Ija said...

Bro Mat- continue writing because I for one sure love reading it.. The truth is sometimes bitter but kena telan jugak kan

Mat Cendana said...

Ija (Ini Ija Sherry ke?): Thank you. I get concerned when I write something like this. Even now, and despite no longer being aligned with the party, I still have respect for some of the leaders. And followers. That's why I don't get involved at Facebook etc when I feel people have gotten out of line with what and how they express things against people like Nik Aziz.

But at the same time, I'm troubled by some of the things that he had said; the positions that he had taken. Especially when I feel they don't benefit the 3M's - Malays, Muslims, Malaysians. When that happens, *something* inside will urge me to "do something", as with this matter.

And with this one, my conscience is clear: I *know* there isn't any hidden agenda on my part. If it's not too polite and respectful - well, it's just the way that I write.

Ija said...

Yes bro Mat.. this is me.. And totally agree about what you've written.. Will be here supporting it as it seems that we are at the same path of thinking.... Frust kannnn

matdeboq said...

Carry on Bro...!
Laa ni lu kena gi ketuk FB Hj.Hadi pulak..!!
Knock..knock on "pas" door..!!
Gua nak tengok berapa lama ..dia orang boleh "layan" lu..!!

Syabas Mat Cendana..kasi cantas-hack sama depa!!!

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