Sunday, 12 September 2010

Burnt Bodies of Sosilawati and 3 Others Found! Datuk Arrested!

Police have found traces of four burnt bodies at a poultry farm near Tanjung Layang, Morib BELIEVED to be cosmetic millionaire, Sosilawati Lawiya and the three men who had disappeared on Aug 30.

Kosmo reported that police have detained six people, including a lawyer Datuk, for investigations into the case. The paper quoted an unnamed source as saying that this Datuk, who has connections with various influential people, is the middleman in the sale of land in Penang valued at RM4 million.

The source also said that this lawyer Datuk is believed to be involved in the disappearance of two other people.

What a shocking revelation! Many of us had quietly feared the worst might have happened to cosmetic millionaire, Sosilawati Lawiya and the three men who had disappeared on Aug 30. But it was still a shocker when this was finally confirmed.


So much for the police insisting that there are No new leads on Sosilawati and giving the media the runaround


I had taken a last look at the RSS feeds here at 1am before going to bed. However, the title at ParpuKari’s blog prevented that: GEMPAR! SOSILAWATI DIBUNUH DENGAN KEJAM!? ParpuKari, in turn, had seen it at Mesin Taip Buruk.


I went around to the various media sites to try confirm this – Bernama, New Straits Times, The Malay Mail, The Star, plus at Google News. However, there was none around that time. But I kept a watch by watching the Twitter stream at Google News. Users were arguing among themselves about this… until someone produced links to Mingguan Malaysia and Kosmo. (Click here or the image below for the report in Kosmo)


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May be the The Raja Raja Melayu have to remove the word 'Raja" from the PDRM

nadya.s said...

catch the datuk n gang that did this.. pukul sampai mati like what he did to the 4.

sad that thing like this, happend during ramadhan n Eid.

may the soul of this 4 malaysian, rest peacefully and blessed by God, amin.

Mohd said...

Najib as usual will let the Indian culprits go free so as to jaga hati kaum India!

eekaa said...

Dah nak buat guano, keling ni pandai tipu, pandai pukul, pandai bakar mayat,pandai guna loopholes in national land codes; kena berhati hati dgn keling begini, ramai lagi weh, semuanya tak boleh pakai nyer. menyusahkan diri dan menghabiskan beras.

patungcendana said...


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